Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Work for 3 July 2014, Thursday

I apologise that I will not in school on Thursday.

Please do spend your time in class constructively.

Here's the work for the day.


  1. Area of Triangle
  2. Sine Rule


  1. Learning Device
  2. Ace-Learning (email me if you need to reset password)
  3. Websites


a. Compulsory

  1. Quiz (ace-learning: 2014 Trigo Quiz 1: Area of Triangle & Sine Rule) 

b. Choose one from the list

  1. Design a one-page summary on the formula for area of triangle and another one-page summary on sine rule (A5 card) in any format you wish. (drawing, mind map, comics etc)
  2. Write lyrics to help you remember how to use formula for area of triangle and sine rule to a particular song of your choice.
  3. Create an FAQ on the formula for area of triangle and sine rule, pitched at Sec 2 level for a student who has little knowledge of Trigonometry. (e.g., when can it be used, how to use it, how did it come about?)

3 July 2014 2359 hours.
Submission will be done via email (take a photo of your end product)
Submit hardcopy (if applicable) on 4 July 2014.

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